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LENR is widely replicated and the answer to our prayers

LENR - Rossi :es imitado por otros 

Qmunty Mesl "La ventaja de este experimento es que es LENR y además no tiene emisión de neutrones significativa. Es decir, tiene pero muy poca por producirse la energía por decaimiento beta.

una vez se investiguen los procesos de transmutación LENR, podremos trabajar con otros de carácter endotérmico, como muy probablemente son los de transformación de nitrógeno en sales de fósforo. De forma que tendremos resuelto el gran cuello de botella alimentario de la humanidad, que son los fosfatos.

Hay que buscar información por Internet. Comprenderá por qué Marruecos es tan importante"

Vicente M. indica:
Sobre el grafeno,se ha  generado una bolita en una camara hiperbárica a partir de carbono, con dureza mayor que el diamante; era una materialización amorfa de lo que hoy es el grafeno, esto en el año 94 o así.

 En la facultad de Física se realizaban experimentos de fusión fría habitualmente. Cuando los hacían, se caía la tensión en toda la facultad, debido a la energía necesaria para el control del plasma. La fusión es exotçermica y muy productiva, pero el problema era la canalización de la energía, ya que el diferencial voltaico era muy grande, y no se podía introducir en línea, liberándose toda en el ambiente. Imagino que con un mayor conocimiento de las ecuaciones de la energía se habrá podido convertir de plasma a electricidad.

- Ni + H (climatizada bajo presión) = Cu + un montón de calor. Este fenómeno (LENR) ha sido confirmado en cientos de artículos científicos publicados:
El níquel es de aproximadamente medio millón de veces más densos en energía como el petróleo (o alrededor de cien mil veces más energía densa como combustible diesel) con LENR.
El níquel es de aproximadamente 3% de la masa de la Tierra, mientras que todos los combustibles fósiles combinados (incluso las arenas bituminosas y el hidrato de metano) son menos de una mil millonésima de esa cantidad.

I found this gem comment the other day while doing some background on LENR:
“I do not think it is “amazing that the media has not paid more attention to” Rossi. His claims seem astounding. They resemble those of many previous energy scams. Reporters and scientists dismiss Rossi for this reason.
I would dismiss him myself if I did know that hundreds of other researchers have seen similar effects thousands of times. I myself have spent weeks in laboratories watching cold fusion gadgets produce heat. It is boring after a while.
Knowing that the effect has been widely replicated in hundreds of major laboratories puts everything in a different perspective. It makes Rossi far more believable. Believability in experimental physics is predicated on two things: independent replication and a high signal to noise ratio. Cold fusion met these goals back in 1990. There is not a single rational reason to doubt it exists.
The thing is, most reporters and scientists, and people such as Glen Doty know nothing at all about cold fusion. They do not realize it exists. They have not read any papers on the subject. So naturally they say “I’m confident that this is a fraud…” In 1906, three years after Kitty Hawk and one year after the Wrights flew in front a large crowd of leading citizens of Dayton Ohio for 40 minutes, every single newspaper and magazine in the U.S. — especially Scientific American — denounced them as frauds, charlatans and lunatics. Not one of those newspapers bothered to send someone to Dayton to ask the bank president and others if they had really seen a flight.
The editors at Scientific American today are no smarter than their predecessors. They told me they have never read a paper on cold fusion “because reading papers is not our job” but they are sure it is fraud and lunacy. (I uploaded that letter.)
The real question is not why is the mass media is ignoring Rossi, but why have they ignored the rest of cold fusion for 22 years? My answer: because they are stupid, and incurious.” – JedRothwell, May 4, 2011
This bears repeating: “Knowing that the effect has been widely replicated in hundreds of major laboratories puts everything in a different perspective.” To drive home the point: Ni+H(heated under pressure)=Cu+lots of heat. This phenomenon (LENR) has been confirmed in hundreds of published scientific papers:
Here is a PowerPoint presentation by George Miley of the University of Illinois who has successfully replicated the LENR “cold fusion” reaction:
Knowing the LENR exothermic reaction has been widely replicated, you ought to assess how much energy we gain with this new clean energy technology. According to Rossi’s patient one gram of nickel ought to yield the energy equivalent of about 500 kilograms (not tons, which was a mistake) of oil. This means that nickel is about half a million times as energy dense as oil (or about one hundred thousand times as energy dense as diesel fuel) using LENR.
Nickel is about 3% of the mass of the Earth, whereas all fossil fuels combined (even oil sands and methane hydrate) are less than a billionth that amount.
Here is another gem internet comment:
Scalable: Nuclear energy densities from µW to GW
Portable: Little or no need for radiation shielding
Adaptable to the full range of transportation systems
Does not have the weight, safety, and costs of fission
Revolutionizes Aviation and Access to Space
Decouples energetics from reaction mass
Fuel mass essentially goes away for air-breathing applications, reduces total mass
No GHG (CO2, H2O, aerosols, …) concerns
Fuel is very cheap (Nickel abundant, electrolysis of H2O)
Total replacement of fossil fuels for everything but synthetic organic chemistry” -Sept 22, 2011 LENR Brief @ GRC – J.M.Zawodny 27
Couldn’t have said it better myself. The paradigms are so broken man – maybe we can create paradise on Earth and settle the other planets of our solar system. Frankly, it seems like the main barrier to fast LENR integration is psychological.

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