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Primer to the Immune Response

Primer to the Immune Response, 1st Edition

Academic Cell Update Edition

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Mak's "Primer to the Immune Response" Academic Cell Update examines aspects that shapes Immunology.  This Academic Cell Update Edition provides students with an integrated electronic study guide which includes current, relevant research from Cell Press along with tools to ease the integration of primary literature in undergraduate classrooms for both students and instructors.
Academic Cell is a collaboration between Cell Press and Academic Press, two market leading publishers dedicated to life science.  Cell Press is home to some of the most highly cited journals in the field of cell biology and Academic Press is known worldwide for publishing quality textbooks.  Academic Cell textbooks contain premium journal content from Cell Press and are part of this new cutting-edge textbook/journal collaboration designed to help today's instructors teach students to "think like a scientist."

Now available with the most current and relevant research from Cell Press, Mak's Primer to the Immune Response, Academic Cell Update Edition, gives readers both the concepts and the applications students need to know to fully grasp Immunology. Mak introduces basic concepts and then follows with specific applications in research today. This book is further enhanced by its inclusion in the Academic Cell collaboration, providing it with links to current and recently published research.
Author(s) : Mak   &    Saunders   
Published: 02 Nov 2010
Imprint: ACACL
ISBN: 9780123847430

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